Meet The Team

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Phil Sarnoff

Executive Director (Staff)

Ever since he went on a 10-mile ride when he was in the 1st grade, Phil has loved bicycles and has always encouraged more people to get out and ride.

Jace Burbidge

Youth Education Coordinator (Staff)

Bikes are a constant catalyst to take Jace places. Literally and figuratively. From daily commuting to cross country tours, or teaching kids to ride mountain bikes...

Tegan Feudale

Communications (Staff)

Tegan has been commuting by bike full time for the past several years. In addition to having worked in various aspects of the cycling industry, she has a personal mission to...

Naresh Kumar

Bicycle Ambassador Program (Staff)

A rough patch in his life made him turn to others for advice. It was recommended to Naresh that taking up a new hobby might help. So he figured: "why not fix up the old rusty bike I used to ride as a kid that's now sitting in my mom's backyard?"

Dennis Faris

Board Member since 2016

I took my first real mountain bike ride with a couple of olympic athletes in Colorado Springs over 20 years ago. Their “casual" pace forced me to hurl my lunch on the side of the trail. I’ve been hooked on bikes ever since!

Kathryn Terzano

Board Member since 2016

Kathryn views cycling as part of everyday life, from running errands, commuting, or heading out for a ride around town.

Tom Adams

Board Member since 2016

At the age of 10, Tom was working as an outfitter near Big Mountain in East Canyon. While on a horseback ride he was inspired as he watched an unknown roadie cycle up that canyon.

Diane Rosenberg

Board Chair, Member Since 2014

Diane has been a road cycling enthusiast for nearly five years. Cycling has provided her with an opportunity to experience many of the scenic wonders of Utah.

Dan Johnson

Treasurer, Member Since 2015

Dan is an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. He has spent more than 15 years exploring the mountains and trails in and around Utah.

Jason Bleyl

Board Member Since 2015

Jason is an avid cyclist who enjoys road cycling, mountain biking, and just cruising around town with his family. He enjoys riding in challenging Gran Fondo type road events and racing his mountain bike at a purely recreational level...

Riley Cutler

Board Member Since 2011

This is Riley's 4th year on the Bike Utah board of directors. He spends most of his time promoting Utah as a bicycling friendly state particularly through the Utah Bike Summit and the organization of bike rides.

Glenn Herzberg

Board Member Since 2015

Glenn sure likes bikes. Everything about bikes. Always has.

John Reed

Board Member Since 2015

John has been an avid cyclist since he was old enough to pedal (though not sit on the seat) of his father’s hand me down WWII Rollfast bicycle.

Des Barker

Board Member since 2016

Des has been exploring on a bike since he was 4 years old in Holladay, UT. Early BMX racing made for an easy transition to loving mountain biking.

Stephanie Tomlin

Board Member since 2016

Steph is a Utah native who grew up riding the mountain bike trails of Park City and since has decided that bikes are the answer to all things transportation and recreation.