The Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to create the future of bicycling along the Wasatch Front by initiating bicycle and pedestrian master plans in every community in all four Wasatch Front counties.

Bicycle and pedestrian master plans are the first step in assessing current conditions for bicycling and walking. This planning process involves the public, elected officials, and municipal staff to provide a way forward in improving existing facilities and recommendations for new facilities.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. We are beyond wishing for more people to start riding bicycles. It’s time to get every community active in creating a better bicycling future along the Wasatch Front.

In conjunction with numerous partners, we did a full assessment of local plans using a recently developed set of Active Transportation Plan Standards. Now we’re reaching out to those communities that need plans so we can work toward a complete bicycle network all along the Wasatch Front.

Help us turn every municipality on this map green

Wasatch Bike Plan

Currently 85% of Utah’s population lives along the Wasatch Front. By 2050, the population in the four Wasatch Front counties is expected to increase significantly:

  • Weber County – up 72% (from 231,236 to 398,699)
  • Davis County – up 52% (from 306,479 to 465,664)
  • Salt Lake County – up 61% (from 1.03 million to 1.66 million)
  • Utah County – up 136%. (from 516,564 to 1.22 million)

This means more people, more cars, more traffic, more air pollution, and a diminished quality of life for all of us who live along the Wasatch Front.

We need to find a better way to get people around.

At Bike Utah, we believe that bicycles are one of the best answers to avoiding a future where the Wasatch Front is so reliant upon motor vehicles.

In order to make bicycling a reasonable transportation mode for everyone along the Wasatch Front, every community needs to be engaged. Our lives don’t stop at city borders and neither can bicycle routes and infrastructure.

Get Involved

The more support we have from all of the communities involved, the faster we can get this campaign completed and have better bicycling across the entire Wasatch Front.

If your community is one of the blank spots on the map:

  1. Reach out to us
    We can always use more connections to citizens and communities interested in improving bicycling. We will need local support and involvement in order to move this effort forward. Send us an e-mail:
  1. Bring this initiative to the attention of your elected officials and municipal staff
    If elected officials and staff members don’t hear from their constituents then they are less likely to get involved. Let us know if you need help reaching out.
  1. Support Bike Utah
    We are a nonprofit organization and we cannot advance this initiative without the support of our members and donors. Become a member HERE or make a donation HERE