Road Respect Tours

The Road Respect Program is dedicated to promoting safety by educating both drivers and cyclists about the rules of the road and encouraging mutual respect so that everyone gets home safely. Each year, Bike Utah partners with the Utah Department of Transportation, the Utah Department of Public Safety, the Utah Highway Patrol, and Zero Fatalities to spread this message of safety across Utah. This is accomplished through the annual Road Respect Tour and the Road Respect Communities Program.

Road Respect Tour

Each summer, the Road Respect carries the Road Respect message as a group of core riders and a small contingency of classic Cobra cars travels the roads to encourage bicycling, demonstrate obedience to the law, and show proper car/bicycling etiquette. As the Tour moves from town to town, the Road Respect Riders join with the public to participate in community rides for all ages and abilities, Road Respect Rallies, and community forums that address any vehicle/bicycle issues in the community.

Road Respect Communities

With the success of the RoadRespect Tour, the Utah Department of Transportation launched the Road Respect Community program. This program provides local governments with support for their bicycle planning efforts by helping to generate ideas and providing guidance that will ultimately lead to a more bicycle friendly environment.

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