In May 2017, Governor Herbert stated, as part of Utah Life Elevated 2020, a goal of developing 1,000 miles of family-friendly bicycle trails and paths. The Governor identified this goal as it improves numerous aspects associated with living, working, and playing in Utah.

Governor Herbert and Lieutenant Governor Cox have designated Bike Utah as the nonprofit partner to carry out implementation of the 1,000 Miles Campaign.
Designation Letter

What is the 1,000 miles campaign?

Through the 1,000 Miles Campaign, Bike Utah provides strategic planning, technical assistance, and financial resources so communities can begin or continue developing bicycling in their area. Bike Utah works with communities to advance their bicycle-related goals.

This includes:

  • Working with communities to create bicycle and pedestrian plans so they can assess where they are and ways they can improve
  • Developing neighborhood bicycle routes so individuals, families, and children can get to local destinations, including work, school, parks, church, and businesses
  • Designating road biking routes to encourage visitors and residents to ride recreationally
  • Developing multi-use pathways that serve as transportation and recreation routes for people of all ages and abilities
  • Generating opportunities to grow bicycle touring routes and amenities
  • Building mountain bike trail networks through partnership and grassroots development
  • Supporting a range of bicycle events focused on increasing community engagement and visitation

We will be rolling out the 1,000 Miles Campaign in the next few months. If you aren’t already on our email list, sign up here to stay updated.